QR Contact Sender

Want to give your number to someone in person?

Want to avoid the hassle/awkwardness of reading out your number, or trying to type it into their phone?

Just enter your name and number into the QR Contact Sender app, and the app will produce a QR code containing your details.

When you want to share your number with someone, fire up the app and the code will appear.

They can point their camera at the code and your name and number will appear on their phone, ready to be added to their contacts app.


  • The data you provide is used locally, by the app to generate the QR code that is displayed within the app.
  • Your data is stored locally on your device, not in the cloud.
  • No account creation is necessary or possible.


If you have any questions about the app, or if you need to contact the developer for any reason, visit the contact page.

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Release History

  • Added feature to share the app with friends, via QR code
  • First version to be released on iOS App Store
  • Added “About” dialog, licences page
  • All features present, not released publicly.
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