When You Can’t Get to Sleep

If You Can’t Sleep, Meditate

If you can’t sleep, worrying about the fact that you’re not sleeping will make things even worse.

Consider the following two scenarios:

1 – You go all night without sleeping, and you spend the whole night thinking and worrying about how tired you’ll be in the morning.

2 – You go all night without sleeping, and you spend the whole night meditating, with a perfectly still mind.

Of course, it takes practice to get good at meditating and keeping your mind perfectly still. That’s why you should practice meditating regularly during the day as well. (10 minutes at a time is good to start off with.)


Sometimes you are so physically tired that your arms and/or legs have almost no energy flowing through them when you are in bed.

Your body doesn’t like falling asleep in this state, because your arms or legs could go numb while you are asleep.

Next time you are over-tired when trying to sleep, and you notice that there is no energy (or “aliveness”) in your arms or legs, gently stretch them to get the energy flowing again.

Talking To Yourself

If you keep talking to yourself (inside your head) you’ll never fall asleep.

If you are good at meditating to the point of perfect internal silence, that’s great for helping you fall asleep.

But if you can’t help talking to yourself, you need to override the random stream of verbal nonsense with something constructive to say over and over again.

I do something called “dhikr”, which means “remembering God”. Dhikr involves saying a phrase over and over again. You could say “subhanallah”, which means “glory to God” or “alhamdulillah”, which means “praise to God”.

When I can’t sleep, my preferred phrase for dhikr is “La ilaha illallah”, which means “There is no god but Allah”.

Winding Down Alarm

Set a reminder/alarm on your phone to half an hour (or hour) before the time you intend to go to bed.

When this goes off, it’s time to put away all gadgets and gizmos to give your brain a chance to wind down before bedtime.