The “Undecided” Box

One day you come across an idea that you have never encountered before.

You give it some thought, and you decide the idea is valid.

You put the idea in a box marked AGREE.

Another day you come across another new idea.

This time, after consideration, you decide the idea is nonsense.

You put it in a box marked DISAGREE.

A few days later you encounter another new idea, but this time you can’t decide whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea.

What do you do?

If you put it in the AGREE box you might end up agreeing with something that isn’t true.

If you put it in the DISAGREE box you might be throwing away some useful knowledge.

Sadly a lot of people have only two boxes, so they routinely end up doing both of these things.

Intelligent people have a third box.

This one is labelled UNDECIDED.

If you can’t decide instantly if an idea is true or false, no problem.

Just throw it into the UNDECIDED box and you’ll have another chance to review it at a later date.