The Lost Horse

Once upon a time there was a man who owned nothing of value except a rare white stallion.

One day the horse disappeared, and the man’s friends said:

“Oh that’s terrible!”

But the man simply shrugged.

A few weeks later the stallion returned. It had four female horses with it. This meant the man could breed horses and become rich.

His friends said:

“That’s wonderful!”

But the man simply shrugged.

The man’s only son was trying to tame one of the female horses, when he fell off and became crippled. He would never walk again.

The man’s friends said:

“That’s terrible!”

But the man simply shrugged.

A year later war broke out, and every healthy young man had to go and fight.

They suffered heavy losses, and none of the young men in the village returned.

But the man’s son survived due to being unable to walk…