Clutch Down

Some cars have a thing called a clutch.

When you push the clutch pedal, the car’s engine is disconnected from the wheels.

The engine can now run without affecting the movement of the car.

You could even press the gas pedal at this point, and the engine would make loud revving noises, but the car wouldn’t move.

There are times in life when you feel nervous.

There might be an obvious cause for this nervousness. (For example, you might be waiting in a dentist’s waiting room, or maybe you are about to find out what your exam results are.)

Or you might be nervous for no obvious reason at all.

Regardless, the important thing is to put the clutch down.

Let your nervousness rev away, but keep it disconnected from your actions.

Ask yourself: “If I wasn’t nervous, what would I do?”

And do that.